Welcome to MyNurse


MyNurse uses the Internet of Things to monitor health related matters. This is done using various user friendly applications and other technology to ensure cost and time effective health care services.

At the core of our entire product offering is a free mobile application which is able to monitor various aspects using hard ware and tools.

Our first and most important goal is to simplify patient orientated health care, enabling the multidisciplinary medical team to collaborate and provide true health care as it was originally intended.


App Features

Mobile Panic Button

Aimed at seniors the research showed that current device driven panic buttons lack various features which can be provided with a simple application.

Motion Sensor with Panic Button

This devices communicates via Wifi and detects motion and alerts your loved one’s if no motion is detected according to the predetermined timeframe.

Smart Village

Ensuring compliance with legislation is a big concern for most retirement village. Using our smart village concept we can monitor almost all aspect of the daily running of a retirement village. These include;